Social Innovation Incubator for Loulé and Algarve

CASULO is a social innovation incubator, supporting young entrepreneurs and institutions from Loulé´s City Council and from the Algarve Region. It supports the development of project ideas or social businesses that simultaneously promote the employment of young people, as well as effective responses to social problems, underpinned by the Sustainable Development Goals (ODS).


Innovative idea

Do you have an innovative idea to tackle a social problem and you would like to develop an innovative social project or business?



Have you established a social project or business you wish to continue, increase the target audience and or expand the territory of action?

Is my idea or project socially innovative?

Social Innovation can offer new solutions to a range of social problems. It involves thinking “outside the box” to identify socially meaningful solutions, not contemplated through conventional mechanisms. If you have an idea or a project that solves a social problem that is not available in any project or idea in the Algarve, and/or that it can reach a wider target group and/or can be more economically sustainable, get in touch with us, it can be an innovative idea!

Do you think your idea / project is socially innovative?

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